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May 4 – end of term 4: Creating Graphic Novels workshop (online; for kids)

I recorded this hour-long online workshop for the 2022 Brisbane Writers Festival.

In the session, I share my expert tips for creating your own comics and graphic novels. You can have fun with the creative process and use my guide as a springboard for your own imagination. This session includes printable templates to use as part of the suggested activities.

Available by single download or with a Word Play Online subscription. See ticketing page for more information.
Content will be available to watch from May 3rd until the end of Term 4.

15 thoughts on “Upcoming Events”

  1. We attended a workshop for homeschoolers today and it was awesome!! My 5 year old loves to create his own storybooks and now he wants to make a book and give it to his new hero – James Foley!! Thanks for your inspiration!

  2. Also in addition to my comment above, my 5 year old has now told me instead of being Iron Man or Spiderman when he grows up, he now wants to “work at the library and make books – like James Foley.” How amazing is that!

    1. That’s so nice to hear! Maybe he doesn’t have to give up being Iron Man or Spider-man though (maybe he could be a writer/illustrator as well as a superhero??)

      Thanks for the feedback Hayley!

  3. I’ll be meeting you soon James! I’m one the Curating Kids from Perth Festival! Can’t wait to meet you! πŸ˜€

  4. Im a teacher educator as well as the director of a company that provides writing retreats and literacy support for writers of all ages and backgrounds. I loved finding out more about James’ work by attending the Kids Book Fest Illustrator Extravaganza! Looking forward to finding ways to inspire struggling students using James’ wonderful books as well as his amazing approach to being an author and illustrator. Thanks for the session. It was awesome!

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