Stellarphant – teacher resources

Teaching Notes

Heaps of ideas for discussion and links to curriculum.
Download the teaching notes (pdf)

Behind-the-scenes blog posts

Head to my blog for all the news and behind-the-scenes posts related to Stellarphant.

Read a free sample

Read a bit before you buy the book. Also great for using to read the start of the book to a class.
View the sample chapter here (pdf)

High-resolution cover image

Download now


Draw your own animal astronautdownload pdf

Paper plate elephant maskdownload pdf

Spacewalk 3D illustrationdownload pdf (2 pages)
This fantastic and easy activity was thought up by the wonderful librarian Lisa Black!

Glow-in-the-dark rocket collagedownload pdf

Spot the Differencedownload pdf
Solution – download pdf

Word Searchdownload pdf
Solution – download pdf

Colouring-in (front cover) download pdf

Colouring-in (capsule)download pdf

Colouring-in (spacewalk)download pdf

Colouring-in (spectators)download pdf

Other resources

3D model of the Apollo 11 Command Module interior (external site)

You get to rotate the ‘camera’ around and have a look inside. Very cool!

NASA resources

NASA has mountains of free info and activities, but it’s spread over a bunch of different websites.

Check out all of these:

NASA Kids’ Clubexternal site

NASA STEM Engagement for Students K-4 external site

NASA STEM @ Home for K-4external site

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory teacher resourcesexternal site

NASA Astronaut Selection Processexternal site

A Brief History of Animals in Space external site

Women in Spaceexternal site

Women @ NASA (interviews)external site

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