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Sept 28 – Oct 2: Awesome Arts Festival

I’m back for the 2020 Awesome Arts Festival here in Perth, WA.
I’m running two workshops and having a double book launch! Details below.

Workshop 1: Clay Character Maquettes

Join me for a clay maquette workshop where I’ll guide you through the process of building a model of a character you design. Learn how to go from a 2D drawing to a 3D model using clay and simple tools.

WHEN: Mon Sept 28th, 10am // Mon Sept 28th, 12:30pm //
Tues Sept 29th, 12:30pm
WHERE: Education Room, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth
AGES: 8+
COST: $20.50/person
BOOKINGS: essential. Click here to reserve your place.

Workshop 2: Picture Book in a Day

Ever wanted to make a picture book?
Join James Foley for a very special workshop. You and a group of young creatives will work together to write and illustrate a brand new picture book from scratch!

WHEN: Thurs Oct 1st
TIME: 10am-2:30pm
WHERE: Education Room, State Library of Western Australia, Perth
AGES: 10+
COST: $100.50
BOOKINGS: essential. Click here to reserve your place.

DOUBLE BOOK LAUNCH: Chickensaurus + There’s Something Weird About Lena

Join me to celebrate the launch of Chickensaurus and There’s Something Weird About Lena, go behind the scenes on the making of the books, and bring an extra pair of socks – because you’ll laugh the first pair off!

WHEN: Fri Oct 2nd
TIME: 1:30pm
WHERE: State Library of Western Australia Theatre, Perth
AGES: 7+
TICKETS: $20.50 (includes entry for 1 person and a signed copy of Chickensaurus; additional tickets $5 each)
BOOKINGS: essential. Click here to reserve your place.

9 thoughts on “Upcoming Events”

  1. We attended a workshop for homeschoolers today and it was awesome!! My 5 year old loves to create his own storybooks and now he wants to make a book and give it to his new hero – James Foley!! Thanks for your inspiration!

  2. Also in addition to my comment above, my 5 year old has now told me instead of being Iron Man or Spiderman when he grows up, he now wants to “work at the library and make books – like James Foley.” How amazing is that!

    1. That’s so nice to hear! Maybe he doesn’t have to give up being Iron Man or Spider-man though (maybe he could be a writer/illustrator as well as a superhero??)

      Thanks for the feedback Hayley!

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