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June 20: online drawing demo and Q&A (for kids)

I was originally booked for a session with a kids’ book club, but now we’re moving the session online. Gosnells Library is taking your questions ahead of the session via their facebook page –  head over there to leave a comment and I’ll answer as many questions in the session as I can.
If you miss the video on the day, don’t worry – it’ll be available to view for up to one month afterwards.
WHEN: Friday June 12
WHERE: Online – link will be posted here closer to the date
COST: free
SEND ME YOUR QUESTIONS: via the Gosnells Library facebook page.

9 thoughts on “Upcoming Events”

  1. We attended a workshop for homeschoolers today and it was awesome!! My 5 year old loves to create his own storybooks and now he wants to make a book and give it to his new hero – James Foley!! Thanks for your inspiration!

  2. Also in addition to my comment above, my 5 year old has now told me instead of being Iron Man or Spiderman when he grows up, he now wants to “work at the library and make books – like James Foley.” How amazing is that!

    1. That’s so nice to hear! Maybe he doesn’t have to give up being Iron Man or Spider-man though (maybe he could be a writer/illustrator as well as a superhero??)

      Thanks for the feedback Hayley!

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