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Sept 29: anthropomorphism illustration workshops (for kids)

Presented as part of the 2021 AWESOME International Arts Festival.

‘An-thro-po-morph-ism’ (noun):
giving human characteristics to something that isn’t human, e.g. drawing a duck playing the bagpipes, or a pig driving a bulldozer, or a flamingo that’s the president.

Join local author/illustrator James Foley (that’s me) for a wild and wacky drawing workshop, where you’ll learn how to draw your own anthropomorphic animal characters.

WHEN: Wednesday Sept 29th
TIME: 1:30-2:30pm
WHERE: Education Room, State Library of Western Australia, 25 Francis St, Perth WA
AGES: 8+
COST: $20.50/student
BOOKINGS: essential.

Oct 2: Let’s Get Lit(erate) Gameshow

Presented as part of the 2021 AWESOME International Arts Festival.

Come along and watch some of Perth’s best authors, illustrators and improvisors compete for the top spot of Lit-Master in a live gameshow, hosted by Luke Joseph Ryan. Join author/illustrator James Foley (that’s me), Librarian/comedian Josh Earl, improvisor and tallest man in Perth Sam Longley, author/illustrator Kelly Canby and two young literature enthusiasts as they compete in a series of literature themed games.

WHEN: Saturday October 2nd
TIME: 10-11am
WHERE: Theatre, State Library of Western Australia, 25 Francis St, Perth WA
AGES: all ages
TICKETS: $15 each, or $50 for a family of 5
BOOKINGS: essential.

11 thoughts on “Upcoming Events”

  1. We attended a workshop for homeschoolers today and it was awesome!! My 5 year old loves to create his own storybooks and now he wants to make a book and give it to his new hero – James Foley!! Thanks for your inspiration!

  2. Also in addition to my comment above, my 5 year old has now told me instead of being Iron Man or Spiderman when he grows up, he now wants to “work at the library and make books – like James Foley.” How amazing is that!

    1. That’s so nice to hear! Maybe he doesn’t have to give up being Iron Man or Spider-man though (maybe he could be a writer/illustrator as well as a superhero??)

      Thanks for the feedback Hayley!

  3. I’ll be meeting you soon James! I’m one the Curating Kids from Perth Festival! Can’t wait to meet you! 😀

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