S.Tinker Inc.

Greetings! I’m Sally Tinker, the world’s foremost inventor under the age of twelve.

S.Tinker Inc. is a graphic novel series for middle primary kids. It’s full of scientific silliness and stars me!

I commissioned author/illustrator James Foley to record my amazing adventures in inventing:

  • that time I tried to replace my brother with a robot (BROBOT),
  • that time I zapped a dung beetle with a growth ray (DUNGZILLA), and
  • that time I shrunk a submarine and explored my baby brother’s insides (GASTRONAUTS).
  • that time my arch-enemy Dexter Maelstrom turned a bunch of chickens into dinosaurs (CHICKENSAURUS – Brand new, out now!)

Find out more about the books by clicking the covers below.

Brobot final 140px wide
Brobot (Fremantle Press, 2016)
Dungzilla (Fremantle Press, 2017)
Gastronauts (Fremantle Press, 2018)
Chickensaurus (Fremantle Press, Sept 2020)



“4.5 out of 5 stars [for Dungzilla]” – Junior Books+Publishing

” these books are absolutely hilarious! Some of the funniest books I’ve read.
Confident readers will love them but they are great to hook those kids who ‘don’t like reading’ …
an invaluable addition to your graphic novel collection.” – Zac McCallum, My Best Friends Are Books

S.Tinker Tube

And don’t forget to subscribe to my official YouTube channel, STinker Tube!
– hear Sally interview James about how books are made
– watch awesome playlists themed around each book, like real life robots and dungtastic dung beetles
– see book trailers
– follow drawing tutorials
… and more!

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