Amity Kids Adventures, Book 3 – Kidnapped!


Written by Jon Doust and Ken Spillman,
illustrated by James Foley.
Published online August 2013

Kidnapped! (The Amity Kids Adventures #3)

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The Amity Kids Adventures series is also available to borrow through the State Library of WA’s digital media collection. Talk to your local WA public library to find out how you can borrow the books.

About the book
Smart and feisty friends from different backgrounds, the Amity Kids go all out to meet any challenge that comes their way.

In Kidnapped, they face their biggest challenge yet, going head to head with criminals and attempting a dangerous rescue. Kids are smarter than adults – are they braver, too?

Other books in the series

Amity Kids Adventures 1: Magpie Mischief
Amity Kids Adventures 2: Disturbing the Peace

Book trailer


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