Chickensaurus – teacher resources

Teaching Notes

Heaps of ideas for discussion and links to curriculum.
Download the teaching notes (pdf).

Behind-the-Scenes blog posts

My blog has some posts about the making of the book – each post is tagged with ‘Chickensaurus’.

Read a free sample

Read a bit before you buy the book.
Also great for using to read the start of the book to a class.
Download the free sample (pdf).

High-resolution cover image

Download now


Create your own dino-bird mash-up – download pdf

Escape the Hedge Maze – download pdf
Escape the Hedge Maze – SOLUTION – download pdf

Colouring-in 1 (cover image) – download pdfColouring-in 2 – download pdf Colouring-in 3 – download pdf

How-To-Draw videos

Chickensaurus-related videos

A kid-friendly collection of YouTube clips related to the concepts in Chickensaurus.

S.Tinker Tube

A tongue-in-cheek look at the creative process, hosted by James Foley and Sally Tinker.

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