Dungzilla – teacher resources

Teaching Notes

Heaps of ideas for discussion and links to curriculum.
Download the teaching notes (pdf).

Behind-the-Scenes blog posts

My blog has some posts about the making of the book – each post is tagged with ‘Dungzilla’.

Read a free sample

Read the first 16 pages before you buy the book.
Also great for using to read the start of the book to a class.
Download the free sample (pdf).

High-resolution cover image

Download now

Dungzilla worksheets

Feel free to download these for use in your classroom.

– ‘Attack of the Something-Zilla’ worksheet –
Download now (pdf)

Here’s a timelapse of me drawing a bunch of these during school visits.

– Dungzilla colouring in (cover) –
Download now (pdf)

– Dungzilla colouring in (Douglas) –
Download now (pdf)

Dungzilla book trailer

S.Tinker Tube

A tongue-in-cheek look at the creative process, hosted by James Foley and Sally Tinker.

Dung Beetle videos

A kid-friendly collection of YouTube clips.

‘Dungbusters’ education module

Links to Queensland curriculum, but adaptable to other states.
Download here (pdf).

Papercraft dung beetle

Don’t be put off by the Korean notation; the instructions are all visual and easy to follow.
Available here.

Useful Articles

Wikipedia – Dung Beetle

Wikipedia – Scarabaeus Sacer (Egyptian dung beetle – the same species as Douglas in the book)

The Sizes of Living Things
by Elizabeth Viau
This page investigates surface area to volume ratio in geometric shapes, and applies this to living creatures. How are single-celled organisms adapted to live at their size, as opposed to small animals or very large creatures? Suitable for upper primary/lower secondary.

The Biology of B-Movie Monsters
by Michael C LaBarbera
An in-depth scientific explanation of why size-changing in science fiction is physically impossible. Fascinating read. Suitable for teachers and upper high-school.

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