Drawing on body language


Body language is very important in my books. While a facial expression can easily hint at the emotional state and thought processes of the characters, body language gives the reader extra clues about how the characters are feeling and thinking. This makes it easier for the reader to understand the images and the story. I would argue that accurate and expressive body language also makes the characters feel more real, more human – which helps the reader to engage with the story.

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1 simple tip for drawing hands


I’ve always found that hands are the hardest thing to draw. Here’s a simple technique I used to make things easier when I was illustrating my new book My Dead Bunny.

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3 books to inspire creative courage


Fear gets in the way of making art. So how do we manage that fear?

Here are three seriously good books that were recommended to me when I first started out in writing and illustration. Each one is a fantastic resource to help you face your creative fears.

Put them on your Christmas wish list early!

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6 books to help you make better picture books

Roland Harveys drawing book

Learning to be a better writer and/or illustrator can be a tricky process. There are courses you can do, but a lot of the work ends up being self-directed, just you and your notebook or sketchbook, putting in the hours.

I’ve pulled together this list of books that have helped me along the way.

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How to survive as an illustrator: advice for a student

IMG_0613Once or twice a year I get an email from an illustration student. They usually have an assignment to write, which requires them to ask a  professional illustrator about their work. I got one of these emails last week, asking me for advice on how I got started, how I survive in the industry and how I self-promote. This is my reply.

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Perth Writers’ Festival sessions, and advice from Andy Griffiths



I first presented at the Perth Writers’ Festival in 2013. I sat on a signing table next to Andy Griffiths. And this year I’m back for more sessions about my latest book, The Last Viking Returns.

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Evolution of a scene: the final version of ‘Big Trouble’

pg22-23-5-finalLast week I posted the roughs for this scene from The Last Viking Returns. This post will show how I got from my almost-final rough to my final illustration.

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Evolution of a scene: the rough sketches for ‘Big Trouble’

final rough on the left, finished version on the right

There’s a scene in The Last Viking Returns called ‘Big Trouble’ where Fafnir the dragon is finally revealed in all his terrible glory. The scene went through a lot of changes during development, so I thought I’d share them here.

It’s a lot of pics though so I’ll share them in two parts. This post will show you the roughs, and next week’s post will show how the final illustration was put together.

(And if you haven’t read the book yet, there’s a few SPOILERS below.)

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