FAQ: How do I get my book published?

This is my most Frequently Asked Question by far.

So you’ve written and/or illustrated your amazing children’s book. Now you want to get it published. You have two options available: traditional publishing and self-publishing … plus a third option that you should avoid.

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One Word, One Day

Back in April I participated in “One Word One Day”- a fundraiser for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, supported by the Australian Society of Authors and Micador.

We had lots of luscious Micador art supplies, 3 or 4 hours, and a one-word theme (‘nightly’). We made pictures, and they’ll be auctioned some time in July, with all proceeds helping the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Most importantly: please check out the Indigenous Literacy Foundation website and register your interest in the online auction.

It’s a great cause, so get behind it 🙂

Here’s the main piece I made:


You can see rest of the pieces I put together (including my prep sketches) on the Micador website.