Quokka- my last covers

You might have noticed that the cartoons on the front of the Quokka have changed. I resigned from drawing their covers a few months ago, in August, so that I could focus on picture book projects like this one.

My 1st cover was in June 2003… my last cover, Aug 2010. It’s been 7 and a bit years, and it has flown by.

It’s been strange not drawing the covers any more, but it’s also been nice not having the weekly deadline. I do miss drawing the little guys.

Thanks to Quokka Press for giving me a space to practice and learn. And thanks to the people out there who’ve sent me comments and encouragement over the years.

I didn’t get around to posting my final lot of quokka covers, so here they are.

Quokka, issue 728, July 22 2010- beach
Quokka, issue 728, July 22 2010- beach

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Quokka- boat tattooing

Yes, that’s right folks- boat tattooing. A new advertiser in the Quokka is painting tattoo designs on boats. This has got to be the weirdest request for a cover I ever received.

I tried to make up some sort of tribal-inspired anchor. Bit random, but a huge flaming skull probably wouldn’t have gone down too well.

Quokka, issue 726, July 8 2010- boat tattooing

Quokka- Cow Parade

The Margaret River Cow Parade is finishing up- we got this cover illustration in just in time.

The cows are being auctioned on July 10. Get down to the South West and see them while you still can.

In the back right, I’ve included a cow painted by myself and other members of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, WA chapter. Check out this post for more info.

Quokka, issue 24, June 24 2010- Margaret River Cow Parade

Quokka- End of Financial Year special

To make things different, edition 723 had two versions of the cover- an extra large wrap-around, set in daylight, and the usual cover, set at nighttime.

Quokka, issue 723, June 17 2010- End of Financial Year (cover 1)
Quokka, issue 723, June 17 2010- End of Financial Year (cover 2)