Look mate, a bookplate

Here’s a great project I was involved in earlier this year.

The Better Beginnings literacy program asked a bunch of local illustrators to design a bookplate (one of those ‘This Book Belongs To’ labels that goes on the inside cover of a book).

The best part is, they’re all completely free to download and print!

You can download designs by me, Shaun Tan, Moira Court, Rebecca Cool, Karen Blair, Frane Lessac, Tracey Gibbs, Chris Nixon and Ambelin Kwaymullina.

Here’s my design (click to go through to the Better Beginnings bookplate page).


Creating the Cover Part 4- the final final cover

Hi everyone,

the book has gone to print now. All the work is done- for now. There’ll be promotional things to do later on, and a launch in a few months- but for now we can relax a little and await the finished product. Soon, Norm and I will be holding advance copies of The Last Viking and giggling like it’s Christmas.

Originally I’d intended only three posts in this series showing the development of the cover- but, there’s some final changes to show.

Book designer extraordinaire Tracey Gibbs finished her work on The Last Viking last week. She added the text to all the pages, cleaned up images, and adjusted the cover.

Here’s what the cover looked like in the last post:


…and here’s what it looks like now.

The Last Viking final cover

I love it, I think it looks much better. You can see the title text is slightly smaller and a different colour now. Our names are bigger. Tracey has also increased the brightness and saturation of the colours. (We may have a ‘spot varnish’ on the printed cover- where certain parts will have a glossy coating added).

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