Quokka- Back to School

Remember getting all your new books and stationery for the year?

Labelling your pencils and textas… spelling out your name on your pencil case using the pre-cut letters… getting a new school bag… I always felt a nerdy excitement leading up to this yearly ritual.

But there was one stressful part I dreaded- covering my books.

When I first started, there were pockets of air everywhere. It looked like I’d covered my books with bubblewrap. But as years passed, my skill level increased. I was able to branch out from hardcovers to softcovers, even ring-bound books. No challenge was too great. I surpassed my mentor (my mum), then travelled to India to study with the greatest book coverer of our time- Swami Contakta Bhukava.

Swami Contakta lives in a cave in the Himalayas. The rough rock walls of the cave are entirely coated with adhesive plastic sheeting, with not a bubble to be seen anywhere. Swami says the cave has been like this since the beginning of time- in fact, the whole world used to be covered in plastic, and one day it will be again. I’m not exactly sure how that will work, but I do know that everything will be easy to wipe clean.

Quokka, issue 703, January 28 2009- Back to School