“My Place”: whimsical stories from Mount Hawthorn Primary students

Briony and James with student artwork

This year, Mount Hawthorn Primary School invited myself and fellow author/illustrator Briony Stewart to collaborate on a 13-week residency project.

Our project was called ‘My Place’. The aim for each year four student (all 87 of them) was to complete a polished story and accompanying illustration based upon their favourite place in Mount Hawthorn. They also made the amazing map you see above!

Hit the link to see more work by the kids.

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There was a Babushka who swallowed a fly

An illustrator friend, Karen Blair, recently had her first bub. So our local illustrator crew made a set of Russian nesting dolls for her, based on The old lady who swallowed a fly.

It was my job to paint the goat.

Here’s the sketch-


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Janet Shaw is a bit of a superhero

Here’s the cover of Janet Shaw’s new book, ‘Bit of a Super Hero‘. Janet is a Perth-based author, social worker, medal-winning ex-paralympian and motivational speaker. As well as these achievements, she has faced blindness and cancer. She is a definite hero.

A Bit of a Superhero cover image

I was very happy to get to work on the cover of Janet’s book, and to share the duties with two illustrator friends. I did the linework, Briony Stewart did the colour, then Shannon Melville did the layout and design.

‘Bit of a Super Hero’ is available online now.

[Addendum: Janet lost her battle with cancer in December 2012. It was a privilege to meet her; she was such a lovely person, such a strong character. Read her book to find out more about her extraordinary life, or read her wikipedia page.]