Janet Shaw is a bit of a superhero

Here’s the cover of Janet Shaw’s new book, ‘Bit of a Super Hero‘. Janet is a Perth-based author, social worker, medal-winning ex-paralympian and motivational speaker. As well as these achievements, she has faced blindness and cancer. She is a definite hero.

A Bit of a Superhero cover image

I was very happy to get to work on the cover of Janet’s book, and to share the duties with two illustrator friends. I did the linework, Briony Stewart did the colour, then Shannon Melville did the layout and design.

‘Bit of a Super Hero’ is available online now.

[Addendum: Janet lost her battle with cancer in December 2012. It was a privilege to meet her; she was such a lovely person, such a strong character. Read her book to find out more about her extraordinary life, or read her wikipedia page.]