Narrogin library visit

I went to Narrogin library yesterday for a workshop with year seven students. Narrogin is about 2 hours south-east of Perth. I must thank the librarians, Belynda and Rachel, for inviting me- I had a brilliant time.

I gave a talk about the projects I’m working on and showed some examples of sketches and finished samples. Then the students got to do some drawing. Seeing as my visit was part of the ‘Finding MY Place’ program, where students are encouraged to think positively about their own futures, I asked the year 7s to draw a four panel comic about their dream job.

It was amazing to see the ideas that they came up with- one boy wanted to be a professional BASE jumper, another a sheep farmer, another an army officer; several girls wanted to become vets, another an Olympic horse-rider, another a police officer in the traffic division. With minimal instruction the students produced some really great comics. This proved to me that comics are an incredibly useful art form, one that people understand intuitively and can create instinctively. (at least, I imagine, in a culture where they are familiar with the art form already).

Here’a a quick demonstration comic I did for the class on my graphics tablet. Clearly my subconscious (in the form of a chicken) was telling me to get on with being a creative person. When I mentioned that I would like to be an illlustrator full-time, one girl in the class asked, “why aren’t you doing this full-time?” It was a great question and had me stumped.

20091029 Narrogin comic
Oct 29 2009- demonstration comic for students in Narrogin