Quokka- End of Financial Year, Stonehenge

There’s two covers for the Quokka this week- one for a special ‘End of Financial Year’ wraparound, and one normal cover.

The one below is the first time I can remember using panels in my Quokka covers… the brief asked for lots of quokkas buying lots of stuff, including fridges, heaters, cars, houses, tools and couches. This was the easiest way I could think of to show all the required items at once.

Quokka, June 11 2009- End of Financial Year

This next one was fun- I got halfway through colouring it and started worrying that people might think that the quokkas were members of a strange cult. I meant them to be druids. The older one, stirring the potion in the cauldron, is a nod to the druid from my favourite comic series.

Quokka, June 11 2009- stonehenge