Quokka- McQubbin

This one is based on Frederick McCubbin’s iconic painting.

Quokka, issue 704, February 4 2010- McQubbin

For those of you interested, I painted the background using some semi-transparent brushes in Photoshop. I drew the foreground quokkas with pen and ink, then coloured the lines in photoshop… I figured leaving the black lines in wouldn’t sit right with the painterly background.

Quokka- McCubbin photo reference

Here’s a photo reference for an upcoming Quokka cover- the painting ‘Down on His Luck’, by Frederick McCubbin (1889). It’s owned by the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

I’ve added in the original caption, found amongst Fred’s journals.

Here’s the first rough sketch I did for the cover. We binned it after I realised it didn’t make any sense without the first image. Still, it made me laugh.

Quokka, issue 704, Feb 4 2010- draft #1