Quokka- dealership

Those who follow the news in Perth will remember hearing about a doctor living here in Perth whose yellow lamborghini was impounded for 28 days under the  ‘Hoon laws’. Problem was, he wasn’t driving it at the time it was caught speeding- his mechanic was. The doctor said he needed his car back for home visits.

For a laugh, the original sketch for this cover had ‘1DOC.123’ on the license plate, and the sign said ‘One previous owner’. Some friends suggested having a mechanic hiding in the background, perhaps running from some quokka policemen. Quokka covers steer away from politics, so those details didn’t make it to the final version… but I’m glad the lamborghini stayed ( it was fun to draw).

Whenever I put a license plate in I like to make it meaningful – the numbers often relate to the birthdays of family and friends. In this cover, the license plate 1LEA.603′ is for my friend Lea, who’s birthday is this weekend on the 6th of March. Happy Birthday!

Quokka, issue 708, March 4 2010- dealership