sculpture- Aztec thingy and a yak

I finished off this sculpture in clay class last week- he’s almost dry now and should be fired in the next week or so. He’s a re-creation of a Latin American figurine I found in a reference book once.

Here’s the reference photo I found in the first place- and no, he’s not Aztec, because they didn’t live in Colombia. That’s what Wikipedia told me, and Wikipedia never lies.

pottery figurine from Colombia, Quimbaya style, after 1300- Baltimore Museum of Art, Wurtzburger Collection

I used the same reference photo for the logo of a fair trade cafe three or four years ago (which unfortunately never came about)…

Ya Basta = Ya Basta” is Spanish, roughly translating as “enough is enough”. It was used as a slogan by activist groups in Latin America. As the fair trade cafe was all about promoting change and action, the name seemed appropriate.

This week in clay class I finished off a model of a yak. Why? I’d seen some billboards around town with big yaks on them. Later, a drawing of a yak turned up in my sketchbook. Then when I was looking for inspiration in clay class, I found the drawing of the yak, and it seemed like it would be fun to make one. So… that’s why I made a yak.

Yakkity Yak
Dont Talk Back
Don't Talk Back

He’s got lots of little clay crumbs on him at the moment, but once he’s dried off this week, I’ll brush them off. I may paint him later as well.

Sculpture – Quokka clay model

Here’s a model I made in clay sculpture class at the Fremantle Arts Centre. It’s one of my characters from the covers I do each week for the Quokka newspaper.

He’s not painted yet, but he’s been fired in the kiln and come out looking spiffy.

It’s been an eye-opener to go from working in 2D to 3D.

Quokka model front
Quokka model, left 3/4 view
Quokka model side
Quokka model front
Quokka model, right 3/4 view
Quokka model, right
Quokka model, back
Quokka model, back