The Amity Kids Adventures: A gorilla and a gumnut


It’s been a long time between posts! Thanks for waiting. I’ve been working on three chapter books, e-books actually, called the Amity Kids Adventures. Book 1 is called Magpie Mischief, Book 2 is called Disturbing the Peace, and Book 3 is called Kidnapped! They’re written by Jon Doust and Ken Spillman and illustrated by me.

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In The Lion launch and family day

On July 30, my friends, family and the Perth SCBWI crew gathered at Beaufort Street Books to launch my new book In The Lion.


My cousin, author Jon Doust, launched the book. Thanks Jon!


Then on August 11th, we had a family day at Beaufort Street Books! It was an all-day extravaganza featuring:
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