Quokka- hedge maze

A friend asked what the relevance of the hedge maze was in this cover. I wanted to say it was international hedge maze day, but really there was no particular reason at all- it was just a hedge maze. It was a fun cover to do… I got to think up lots of weird little situations, almost like a ‘Where’s Wally‘ illustration (but nowhere near as complicated).

Quokka, issue 694, November 19 2009- hedge maze

Quokka- Rotto marathon

A marathon is held on Rottnest Island each year- competitors run four laps of the course, taking in the picturesque salt lakes and ocean views while gasping for breath and begging for water. My brother’s girlfriend did the course this year- she is an absolute trooper.

Quokka, issue 689, October 15 2009- Rotto marathon