Quokka- McQubbin

This one is based on Frederick McCubbin’s iconic painting.

Quokka, issue 704, February 4 2010- McQubbin

For those of you interested, I painted the background using some semi-transparent brushes in Photoshop. I drew the foreground quokkas with pen and ink, then coloured the lines in photoshop… I figured leaving the black lines in wouldn’t sit right with the painterly background.

Quokka- Back to School

Remember getting all your new books and stationery for the year?

Labelling your pencils and textas… spelling out your name on your pencil case using the pre-cut letters… getting a new school bag… I always felt a nerdy excitement leading up to this yearly ritual.

But there was one stressful part I dreaded- covering my books.

When I first started, there were pockets of air everywhere. It looked like I’d covered my books with bubblewrap. But as years passed, my skill level increased. I was able to branch out from hardcovers to softcovers, even ring-bound books. No challenge was too great. I surpassed my mentor (my mum), then travelled to India to study with the greatest book coverer of our time- Swami Contakta Bhukava.

Swami Contakta lives in a cave in the Himalayas. The rough rock walls of the cave are entirely coated with adhesive plastic sheeting, with not a bubble to be seen anywhere. Swami says the cave has been like this since the beginning of time- in fact, the whole world used to be covered in plastic, and one day it will be again. I’m not exactly sure how that will work, but I do know that everything will be easy to wipe clean.

Quokka, issue 703, January 28 2009- Back to School

Quokka- skate park

Here’s the first cover for 2010- which will be on the 700th issue of Quokka.

This has to be the cleanest skate park ever- not a hint of graffiti to be found. Truth be told, I ran out of time with this one and would have liked it to be more authentic. Still, it was fun shading all the different levels and slopes in the park.

Quokka, issue 700, December 7 2010- skate park

Quokka- Christmas (shepherds)

The lighting in this one was a lot of fun. I’m not sure how quokkas would go being shepherds, seeing as how they’re a little bit smaller than sheep…

Merry Christmas everyone, thanks for reading the Quokka this year… thanks for all your comments. Have a safe holiday break.

James 🙂

Quokka, issue 698, December 17 2009- Christmas (shepherds)

Quokka- Movies (Where the Wild Things Are)

The outdoor movie season has started again in Perth. I love it, it’s a brilliant part of Perth’s summer culture. One of the cinemas is called Movies By Burswood– it’s entirely volunteer-run and has raised over a million dollars for children’s charities over the years.

I’m really looking forward to the film Where the Wild Things Are. Coincidentally, the film also comes out today. So I decided to put it on the screen- or at least an homage to the original picture book that the movie is based on.

Quokka, issue 696, December 3 2009- movies (Where the Wild Things Are)